What's a Petite Wedding?

You may have already heard the term “Petite Wedding”.  After all, it’s a trend that is being mentioned a lot, but you may be wondering what exactly it is and why more couples are choosing this option for their big day.

Petite Weddings, sometimes called Micro Weddings, are exactly what they sound like, a smaller version of the traditional wedding.  They are intended for a smaller group of guests, usually under 50, and a shorter duration of time. 

Why are they becoming more popular?   A good fit for the budget is one reason.  Venues usually charge much less for a shortened rental time.  Also, when the guest list is smaller, couples can upgrade the catering and decorating while staying within budget. But money is not always the driving factor. Some couples want a more intimate feel, so they only invite close family and friends.  There is also less stress when planning for fewer guests.  Fewer RSVPs to follow up on, no need for seating assignments; just an all-around more relaxed event.

Whether you are trying to save some money, create a more meaningful event, or just wanting to reduce the stress of planning a big wedding, a Petite Wedding may be the perfect option you’ve been looking for!